Why do Christians reject God's command...

To Keep the 7th-day Sabbath Holy

R. F. Cottrell

When we present God's holy law,
And arguments from scripture draw;
Objectors say, to pick a flaw,
    "It's Jewish."

Though at the first Jehovah blessed
And sanctified His day of rest;
The same belief is still expressed -
    "It's Jewish."

Though with the world this rest began
And thence through all the scriptures ran,
And Jesus said 'twas made for man -
    "It's Jewish."

Though not with Jewish rites, which passed
But with the moral law was classed
Which must endure while time shall last -
    "It's Jewish."

Though the disciples, Luke and Paul,
Continue still this rest to call
The 'Sabbath day', this answers all -
    "It's Jewish."

The gospel teachers' plain expression,
That 'Sin is of the law transgression,'
Seems not to make the least impression -
    "It's Jewish."

They love the rest of man's invention,
But if Jehovah's day we mention,
This puts an end to all contention -
    "It's Jewish."

Roswell F. Cottrell, "It's Jewish", Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, i, 6, Feb. 1851, front page. [reprinted in Francis K.A. (1992) Adventists discover the Sabbath day. p. 377-8. In Wood D. (Ed.) Christianity and Judaism. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.]

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