Is Britain an accidental collection of people or are there...

Roots of the Nation

Can Britain claim a "national identity"? Where do our people come from? And - does our past have anything to do with our future?

Why this matters ...
Arguing forward... Arguing backward...

(a) Does God keep His promises?
If no, stop here.

(b) Were any promises of physical blessings made to the Biblical patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(c) Is anyone alive today (regardless of ethnicity, race, language, geographical location, ...) the recipient of promises of physical blessings made to the patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(d) If someone is a recipient, are there special responsibilities that go along with those blessings?
If no, stop here.

(e) If there are special responsibilities, then do we need to discover if we are the ones with those special responsibilities?
If no, stop here.

(f) If we are the ones with those special responsibilities, should we perform them?
If no, stop here.

(g) Get to it! Perform those special responsibilities!

(a) As a nation (of all kinds of ethnicities, races, languages, ...), do we have more than our share of physical blessings?
If no, stop here.

(b) Does God gives us these blessings?
If no, stop here.

(c) Does God have a reason for giving us these blessings?
If no, stop here.

(d) Is any part of the reason the promises of physical blessings given to the Biblical patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(e) Do God's blessings also come with special responsibilities for those blessed?
If no, stop here.

(f) Do we have special responsibilities?
If no, stop here.

(g) Let's get to it! Let's perform those special responsibilities!

In 1840, Wilson concluded that the British Empire was blessed as a result of the promises to the patriarchs, and so had a responsibility to set a Christian example, and evangelize, the whole world. He warned that if the British Empire did not do this, its future was bleak.
Was he right?

Over the past half century Britain has increasingly welcomed a variety of immigrants, most of whom integrate culturally with British society. But this diversity dilutes little the basic national stock. The British indigenous population is generally regarded as "Anglo-Saxon with a Celtic fringe".

Socially, culturally there remains a distinct reservoir of "Britishness". It's the same in all nations, each of which has a distinct national identity. And despite the wild attempts by an intelligentsia to merge all of us into one roly-poly pudding with no clear distinctiveness, each nation extols and jealously guards its ancient roots.

The instinctive grass-roots British opposition to submerging our national identity even with "Europeans" highlights this sense of a national shared origin.

Vikings and Normans, Angles and Saxons and Danes and Celts and ancient Britons - all have imprinted British nationality. But is there a common link? Are we as diverse as it seems?

The face of Britain has always been pock-marked with distorting social practices. At no time have we been what could be described as "a holy nation". Yet at our best, our values have been an attempt to reflect what's best as "the people of the Book" the Bible. The past half century has seen the erosion of these values. Laws are no longer framed in the Mother of Parliaments with reference, as in the past, to Bible principles. Those elements which bound us in unity are despised. But we still feel a kinship. The English generally don't see the Scots or the Welsh or the Northern Irish as "foreigners". Not in the way we might view Iranians or Russians or Spanish. Most "British" are brothers, even though we squabble and at times fight.

In the same way that many individuals attempt to trace their recent ancestors, so also many wonder "Where did we as a nation come from? Why do we feel different, have different values?"

Most abort their quest at the invasion of the Angles or Saxons or Danes or Normans, beginning a mere millennium and a half ago. We indeed arrived from continental Europe. But our forebears in Europe didn't just grow there on trees. They travelled from further afield. In fact, our peoples can trace a common ancestry through three and a half thousand years - back to one ancient family.

And in that ancient family lies our future.

Lost Origins

For Jesus Christ himself (as "the Word") singled out that family, the descendants of Jacob, nourished them into a teeming powerful family of nations and destined them to become the trend-setters of a yet future new world order. We, this nation, represent a part of that family.

The process is not yet complete. The family of Jacob grew strong, became a nation, then - having grown into several nations was scattered over the face of the earth. Their travels from the Caucasus and through Europe - evidenced by genetic archaeology and history - can readily be traced, peopling these islands in successive waves as Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes etc. Many stayed in continental Europe or passed on across the Atlantic to North America, while others peopled distant lands over the oceans around the world.

Jacob's name was changed to Israel. One of his sons was Judah, and together with his brothers Levi and Benjamin is today represented by many who are known as Jews. The other brothers formed a separate nation - the House of Israel. As with most nations their origins were lost in the mists of time and their identity as sons of Israel was submerged as they migrated across Europe. Over the centuries each clan developed its own distinct culture and even language.

The British are among the modern day descendants of that ancient family.

Britain's Destiny

Our destiny, then, is the prophesied destiny of the ancient House of Israel. In Bible prophecies these ten clans are also termed "Ephraim", the favored grandson of Jacob (Israel). You can trace our national future and your personal future by examining these prophecies.

A Bleak Few Years

That future - because of our mounting national sin - includes a terrible time of national disgrace and suffering the hands of an alliance of European powers. Already we are afflicted by mysterious diseases in both the human and animal population. It's a far cry from the disease-free and peaceful plan God originally had!

Multitudes of our people will die - of famine and disease and war. Many will suffer the indignity and privation of virtual slavery at home and in far away places like Iraq and Iran.

But a remnant will survive. After a horrendous time of tribulation lasting around three years, a remnant will be freed from forced labor and concentration camps by the returning Jesus Christ. The battered, confused survivors remember Belsen and Auschwitz - will make their way to Palestine. There we, together with the remnant of the other sons of Israel and their descendants including the Jews, will be built into a position of world leadership - together, believe it or not, with the Arab and the German nations.

New World Order

In the new world order to be established by the victorious and triumphant Jesus Christ, Israel will blossom and fill the world with the fruits of good government. From a rejuvenated land of Israel will spill over the nations of the world righteous government where intimidation and corruption will be eliminated. The Law of God will be written into the constitution of every nation. For a thousand years war will cease, disease will disappear and true religion will flourish.

Many books are available which trace the early history of our nation and our sister Israelite nations. Future articles in New Horizons will highlight aspects of the overwhelming evidence that we are indeed the people of Israel.

Request our article What Do You Mean - "Repent"? to find out how you can prepare for the momentous days that lie ahead for our nation.

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Volume 2 No. 2, March/April 1998. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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