Everyone assumes Sunday, but was it Saturday?...

When Was Jesus Resurrected?

"Jesus rose at dawn, loving you!"
so sing the Statler Brothers.
Certainly Jesus loves us!
But when did Jesus really rise?

It is commonly suggested that Jesus was resurrected Sunday morning - and this is a main plank in the argument that Christians ought, in celebration, to observe Sunday.

The notion is widespread - but not in accord with the Bible account!

* when the two Marys arrived Jesus had already risen (Matthew 28:1, 6)

* the time of this visit was "late on" or "after" the Sabbath at the "drawing on" of the first day of the week" [Greek of Matt 28:1]

* The Greek word "epiphooskoo" is translated "began to dawn towards" in the KJV, but "drawing on" in Luke 23:54. Dean Alford, at Luke 23:54, states: "...used of the conventional day beginning at sunset" [Greek Testament]. Recall that the "day" anciently began at sunset: "evening and morning were the first day ... etc" (Genesis 1)

* the tomb was already empty when some women came to the tomb early morning with spices etc (Luke 24: 1ff)

* Jesus had predicted he would be in the tomb "three days and three nights" (Matthew 12:40). Other Bible texts determine this was from late Wednesday until late on Saturday - before sunset.

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