Your most important challenge is to...

Preserve Your Family

Who do you think has the most important job in the world? Is it the President of the United States (or maybe those who put him in office)? Perhaps the President of the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund? The chief executive officer of a multi-national company? Or maybe Pope John-Paul II?

We each may have our preferred candidate. Yet the answer lies closer to home. It's not a high profile public figure who is often in the public eye flexing his powers. The real job, the most important role, is the shaping of the next generation.

The chaotic state of our modem world is the product of the generations that spawned the "now generation! Clearly, our forebears have failed - mostly through ignorance - to pass on knowledge that would produce a stable and prosperous world. Vast cumulative intellect has not brought worldwide prosperity or peace! And the rising generation is being taught the same failed methods!

Is there something you can do about it?

Our Greatest Challenge
The role of parent is today viewed as of little consequence. A child can be brought into the world - and quickly discarded. A potential world leader all too often is farmed out to strangers. Or abandoned in a litter bin, or made a dependent of the state. He or she is subjected to abuse ranging from swathes of health-destroying smoke, to neglect, to violence, to sexual abuse. Multiple millions of others are not even given the choice of drawing their first breath, but are poisoned and dismembered in supposedly the safest place - the womb.

The very act of procreation has been taken over by technology. Babies will soon vie with peas on the supermarket shelf! The most important job in the world is, through egg-freezing, given a priority below that of a career, a better house, hedonistic pleasure. Even those who, encouraged by godless politicians, have chosen to live short sterile lives through that most unnatural of reproductive activities, male and female same-gender-cohabitation, perversely cry out for the "right" to have children "by other means".

Yet to conceive and nourish a child to maturity is among the greatest of challenges and the most rewarding of human activities. It is a responsibility that from birth demands the intelligent input of an army of caring people. But at the heart is the need for a dedicated and loving mother and father.

Law of Creation
By nature, an infant thrives best with the constant presence and loving support of the natural parents. This is the law of creation, or - if you prefer - the way we have evolved. All human history testifies to a properly constituted extended family as the most appropriate environment to rear a child. Too often the miracle of a child, under the pressure of greed - a luxury home, rich furnishings, personal appearance, career - is abandoned to paid professionals, often incompetent and uncaring. The precious bond between a mother and the fruit of her body is forever weakened.

The social experiment engineered by government to destroy the family and promote godless alternative lifestyles, in the name of some perverse distortion of equality, is a catastrophe that eats at the foundations of national stability. We will, unless we change, pay the price.

Human Destiny
Pressured by society and abetted by a government and religious leadership that haven't a clue about what's truly important, parents are in darkness in regard to the laws of life. Reduced by the religion of evolution to viewing themselves as "animals", most are blind to the unspeakable magnificence of their human destiny. Human offspring too often are seen as of no real significance. Pathetic males, like roaming alley cats, engender a child with no thought for the consequence. Mere girls conceive with little thought to the awesome expense - physical, emotional, intellectual, financial - of engendering a new life. They leave society - i.e., the overburdened taxpayer - to pick up the tab for their own immature fecklessness. And, rightly, society feels obliged to care for "the fatherless".

Others don't have the guts to make a permanent commitment .... "Living together" is a statement of irresponsible independence. Marriage is inter-dependence, a recognition that together, through thick and thin, any blessing of children will be nourished and cherished.

Humanity is the pinnacle and purpose of the material creation. Alone endowed with God-like powers of intellect and reason, mankind has a purpose and destiny that extends beyond the horizon of this physical life. Each tiny squalling infant has the potential of living forever in a state of dynamic power. Too often this potential is squandered by parents who needlessly farm out the care of their children to satisfy some minor craving for selfish satisfaction.

Mankind is born to live forever, but the vast majority suffer shortened lives through ignorance, disease, conflict. Little thought is given to the destiny of the fruit of their own bodies.

Train For Eternity
What of your children, or perhaps your grandchildren? Are you training them for life - and for eternity? Having engendered a child are you dedicated personally to his or her eternal welfare? Having taken on this most important job, have you equipped yourself to tutor for life?

All parents must come to see their prime role as the cradle of the future. You, your children, your grandchildren are part of a grand design by a loving Creator, the goal of which is that you and they inherit the Universe. Children are not mere by-products of human pleasure. They are precious jewels to be shaped and polished to adorn eternity.

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Issue 13, November/December 1998. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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