Does Britain have a future? ...

A Nation at Risk

Are we able to turn around our national decline? Can Britain survive the European juggernaut? Here's what the Bible says!

Nations and empires do not last for ever. Witness Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. The British Empire, too, has all but disappeared. The Commonwealth is no longer the cohesive force of yesteryear. And Great Britain, while still exercising influence on the world stage, is a mere shadow of former glory, reduced territorially to a few small islands and grovelling to a bloated power-hungry bureaucracy across the English Channel. The red splash of Empire seen on maps a mere half century ago has vanished.

What of the future? Are we doomed to further decline and total eclipse? Will the mother of democracy fade and die? Or is there hope?

In fact, our nation - together with our brother democracies - will once again become a mighty force, respected by all nations! That's a sure prediction - of Scripture. And many now alive will live to see it!

Two Choices

But our restoration will be hard-won. As a nation we have two choices - both painful. The "easier" choice is a voluntary about-turn in government, business, industry, entertainment, media, education - and religion. No less than national repentance.

Leadership in all aspects of national life is set on a course that puts our nation at risk of oblivion. In government we are led largely by the arrogant, the self-serving and the immoral. In business and industry by the greedy and corrupt. In entertainment by the base and foul. In the media by the prurient and the self-aggrandizing. In education by the godless and the liberal [ABCOG: permissive]. And in religion by the self-righteous, the effete, the confused and the worldly.

No wonder many of our citizens wallow in a cesspit of immorality, brutality and irreligion. No wonder our prisons overflow with the foul and perverse and the hate-filled. That our juvenile-care centers bristle with uncontrollable and immature youth, and many classrooms resemble a battlefield. Or that millions daily sup off the garbage of the small screen.

And no wonder that our citizens point the finger -though hypocritically - at those in high offices of State.

Prophetic Warning

The Bible prophets spoke a timeless message when they cried aloud about these very practices. They knew - unlike our present leaders - that "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14:34). They knew that sin - whether adultery or corruption or greed or irreligion - at the highest levels inevitably brings the nation to its knees.

God rejected ancient Israel for their tolerance of false religion and their astrological practices, their consumerism and affluence which was coupled with disregard for the weak, their haughtiness and pride, their militarism, their foreign alliances, their tolerance of perverted and foul sexual acts. Through the prophet Isaiah (2:6-22) God mightily indicts any nation that walks this path - the very path we tread in modern Britain, and in our brother nation the United States.

God does not change!

Through Ezekiel - and note that his message was specifically for our day and for our nation! - God blasts the "shepherds" (the nation's leadership at every level) for their selfish disregard of the weak, the sick, the disabled, the disadvantaged (ch 34). He says to our leaders "I will require my sheep at your hand... I will rescue my sheep from their mouths" (v. 10).

Instead of pussyfooting around with miserable poverty-stricken "new ideas" dressed in see-through sound-bites, our leaders at all levels of national life from monarchy and Cabinet - real and shadow - to local parish councillor must truly "get back to basics"! That means our leaders set an example to the nation and turn to Almighty God and the Laws He has given us for the conduct of national affairs. It means justice tempered with appropriate mercy. It means laws that discriminate for family values. It means getting rid of moral corruption from the top of the aristocracy to the lowest sexshop.

Mere tinkering with our deeply entrenched problems ignores the real remedy for our national ills. Unless as a nation we repent of our sin - all of us from the greatest to the least - will face the horrors of enslavement and deportation to far off lands. Our population will literally be decimated by prophesied famine, disease, civil war and foreign invasion. This time there will be no escape route. Repentance is the only alternative.

This is clearly predicted in God's Word.

Only then, as we suffer horrendously in slave labor camps throughout Europe and other parts of the world, will we come to our senses, change our ways - and begin once again to become a world power. This time without the pain we inflicted on our worldwide empire! And guided by Jesus Christ.

Our Choice

That is our stark choice. Repent now before we are unable to do so. (It can be done. It has been done.) Or suffer the agony and ignominy of near extinction. Will we go the way of all past empires which because of their godless lifestyle crumbled to dust? Or will we follow the example of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh which repented at the preaching of one of God's prophets, Jonah? Their King said "Let everyone turn from his evil way and from the violence which is in his hands. Who knows God may yet repent and turn from his fierce anger, so that we perish not". The people of Nineveh believed God. They fasted "from the greatest of them to the least".

They repented - every one of them. And they survived.

In His Word Almighty God predicts future national glory and greatness for our nation. The path to that glory is our choice.

There's no pleasure for the Christian in foreseeing the black darkness before the dawn. It's just possible there is yet time for our nation to turn around. It is just possible we have not yet reached the point where God says: "Pray not for this people" (Jeremiah 7:16 etc). It's only just possible.

Until that time comes every one of us must "sigh and cry for all the abominations that are committed". But let's couple that prayer with "Your Kingdom come"!

However, even if as a nation we fail to make the necessary change of heart - you can! Write for the free leaflet What Do You Mean - "Repent"? to find out how you can cope with the awesome days ahead.

As a nation we know what needs to be done.

Let's do it.

European Union - the ultimate destroyer

Our nation turns a blind eye while Rome - in the guise of the European Union - piece by piece seeks to devour a once-proud nation on which God has placed His mark.

If continental Europe has its way, Britain will be swallowed by a vast bureaucratic - and ultimately authoritarian- system of government from Brussels. Our sovereignty will have been abrogated. Control of our money will be wrested from us. Our once-fair legal system will have been absorbed by the alien Roman style. We will lose our freedom of worship and movement. We will become mere slaves.

For the European state now being forged, the dream of Europeans for centuries, is destined to fulfill a dramatic prophetic role. We live in the time of its fulfillment.

Bible prophecy fingers the Union as the great Dinosaur over which the arch-enemy of Jesus Christ will reign - but only for a short time. There he will assemble his forces - the armies of the Union - first to seek to obliterate Britain and her sister democracies - as God's judgment upon us. Then, seen as a conquering hero, he will gather an army from all nations to war against Jesus Christ as He returns as King of all kings.

All this was repeatedly forecast over the past fifty years in our sister magazines. It is now coming to pass. Watch New Horizons for in-depth reports. Prophecy, is coming alive!

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Volume 1 Issue 2, March/April 1997. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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