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The Enigma of Human Sexuality

James F. McBride: It's all in the genes. No, it is a lifestyle choice. Who's right?

How we live out our sexual lives increasingly preoccupies not just the media, but also the armed forces, governments, the church. Once upon a time an individual's sex-style was personal. And if "aberrant", it was swept into the closet. Not any more.

We humans are intensely sexual - our survival depends on it! Whatever comparative statistical analysis may say about 'then and now', sex and all its beauty, and its abuse, is now paraded in bold headlines.

Half a century ago you would find it difficult to have easy access to figures on marriage and divorce. Or the level of sexually transmitted disease - whisper, VD. Or the number of child abductions, cases of child abuse, rape, pornography. Not any more.

Such are no longer hidden, but flaunted, as if sex were a new discovery. Television is barely watchable, eyes averted at the newsstands, certain newspapers avoided - at least by 'moral prudes'. Or perhaps by those who wish to follow the precepts of Jesus Christ.

The openness, however, certainly hasn't stemmed the tide of what used to be termed "immorality" and its sickening consequences. What was once 'evil' is now 'good', and 'darkness' has become 'light' - and vice versa. Just as the Old Testament prophets predicted (Isaiah 5:20).

Because of the abuse of human sexuality, sexually transmitted disease is almost epidemic resulting in snowballing infertility. AIDS is destroying millions worldwide, as is the vile practice of abortion. Immature kids don't realize that sex leads to unwanted pregnancy with consequent burdens on themselves, families and society.

And, encouraged by government and the media, the building block of a stable society, marriage, is in process of being disfigured beyond recognition. Marriage, co-habitation, same-gender liaisons are promoted as of equal value.

The Bible Speaks

Undoubtedly sexual dysfunction has plagued mankind since we were evicted from Paradise. There always was violent rape, infants were incinerated (not in a hospital but in an idol), adultery, fornication, immorality. It was all there.

But it was in Eden that the guidelines for human sexuality were first set before mankind. By the Creator. And perfectly tailored to the beings He had just created to perfection. Any deviation from the divine guidelines for human sexuality will inevitably end in tears!

Principles of Life

God revealed two principles:

A man and a woman were to stay in partnership for life. Think of the grief avoided by this act of mutual self-discipline. Properly tended, a marriage can last [see Spend A Lifetime - Together]. When sin came on the scene, God permitted properly regulated divorce - wise regulations trampled on today, even by Christians.

Secondly, these covenant-bound couples were created to produce offspring. No same-sex liaison, no matter how loving or long-lasting, is capable of this result and was prohibited because destructive of the divine plan for mankind. Hence the apostle Paul's urgent warnings for Christians to avoid such a relationship - for their eternal salvation would be at stake (I Corinthians 6:9 KJV).

Divine Image

Our physical time-limited human condition is merely the 'clay model' which the Creator is shaping into His divine image - individuals who will live forever as a part of the divine Family. God reveals Himself as 'Father'. Jesus is His first-born Son. Men and women can become His children, brothers and sisters of Jesus and joint-heirs with him of the created universe (Romans 8:17).

To enter that Family relationship is a matter of choice. God calls on all of mankind to choose the way of life He has revealed.

It's time to resolve mankind's sexual enigma by a return to the basic principles of human relationships which are the foundation for life - for now, and for the endless ages of eternity.

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Volume 4 Issue 2, March/April 2000. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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