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Babylon: Fountain of Error

A great lie undergirds all the world's major religions. It could just ensnare you into idolatry - and death

Religion appears as a confused jumble of sometimes weird and wonderful ideas, a hodge-podge of strange notions, a witch's brew of exotic doctrine. Yet there's a surprising unity of belief underlying all the great world religions. On close examination it's clear that the fabric of the world's varied and conflicting religions is formed of the same warp and weft, the same materials!

And - perhaps most shocking of all in our culture - the same threads are woven into Christianity!

Ever since the idea was publicized by Alexander Hislop in his densely researched and thoroughly documented book The Two Babylons, most informed Protestants have clearly seen the relationship between ancient Babylonian religion and the doctrines of Roman Christianity. What's devastating is that these same teachings are by no means confined to the Roman Catholic Church. The same fundamental precepts pervade all main-stream Christianity!

An Unfinished Revolution

Of course there are differences. The Protestant Reformation - that unfinished revolution - swept away the more obvious abuses of Bible teachings. Gone was the notion of salvation by works. Gone was the error of the "unbloody sacrifice", the Mass. Gone was much of the rank pagan superstition. Gone, too, were indulgences and adoration of images and Mariolatry and priestcraft.

Martin Luther and his followers succeeded in "cleansing the temple" of 16th century Christendom of its more overt abuses of Bible teachings. Their efforts - often resulting horrifically in the blood of martyrdom - ensured the survival of our religion before it could be swept away by demonic forces. We can't but be grateful for their dedication, their response to the call of God, and their love for His Word.

But did the Reformers go far enough? Were the changes they instituted more than superficial? Did they plumb the depths of the Babylonian conspiracy designed to enslave mankind in one world religion?

The fact is, there remain substantial doctrinal abuses in mainstream Christianity which pave the way for the fruition of that conspiracy in our day. The Bible clearly reveals that just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to our planet as King of kings, "all the world" - except God's faithful elect - will unite in the worship of the arch-conspirator, Satan.

Billions Deceived

Can you conceive what that means? Already there are six billion human lives eating and breathing and surviving on Earth. Perhaps one in three claim to be Christian - near enough two thousand million souls! Will they worship Satan? There will be a choice. But the unsavory alternative will be exile or martyrdom. How many will choose to resist Satan's wily designs? Will you?

Most Christians, of course, are "nominal" - they simply wouldn't think to take a stand against error. Especially when the alternative is unemployment, starvation, torture or death! They will - without too many qualms and perhaps at first unknowingly - "worship the Beast" and his mentor, Satan.

But there are other millions of men and women who profess Jesus Christ and who are strong in their belief. What of them? It's clear from Scripture that God promises at least some of his elect a measure of protection from the coming holocaust. The question is, will you - if you class yourself as one of God's elect - recognize the false world religion when you see it? Or will you fall for it? Have you fallen for it?

Satan is the arch-deceiver! We're told in Scripture that he deceives the whole world (Revelation 12:9). That he blinds men to the truth of the Gospel (2 Corinthians 4:4). That the whole world "lies in the Wicked One" (1 John 5:19). That there's a spiritual veil over all nations only to be removed after the return of the Messiah (Isaiah 25:7).

And that many believers in Jesus will come to embrace "strong delusion" (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

How can this come about' How can even Christians embrace Satanic worship? What is there about the new satanic world religion that will attract the worship of all mankind?

Let's look at some aspects of this "new" religion.

A New Religion?

The new religion that will bind all mankind in its deadly embrace is here - now!

Around the world millions are usually unknowingly - turning to the religion of Satan. And they aren't all from LaVey's "Church of Satan"! They come from all world religions. They are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist. And they are from Christian roots, too.

You won't recognize them by their outward appearance. Few have the "hippie look"! Few wear any outward regalia. Most are just like the average John and Mary Doe next door. And probably are! And, likely, they sit next to you in the pew on Sundays.

But however sincere in their belief they may be, however ignorant of its source, the devotees of this religion are participating in the final grand-slam attempt by Satan to dethrone God and revel in the adulation of all mankind. Mankind's arch rival will stop at nothing to achieve his ends!

In the next few years all he has worked and plotted to achieve for six thousand years will come within his grasp. He will all but succeed!

The lies he expressed in the Garden of Eden, and the teachings built on them, have now become the building blocks of virtually every form of religion. His takeover of mankind is - but for one factor - ascertained.

An Old Religion

The "new" religion is in fact the same religion Satan taught Mother Eve in Eden - and spread throughout the world from Nimrod's kingdom in ancient Babylon. For centuries ancient Babylon was its headquarters, gushing its foul stream worldwide - westwards to Europe, and eastward to India, to China. Its capital moved to Pergamos in Asia Minor in the 2nd century BC. And then was transplanted to the city on seven hills - Rome. Soon it will be on the move again, this time to Jerusalem!

The Reformers rightly identified Rome and its religion as deeply scarred with error. But they missed a fundamental point. The religion of Rome is merely one outlet pouring out a catechism of error mixed with truth into the mind of man! For the great underlying fountain of error flows through myriad openings.

Wherever the lies are taught there is Satan's religion. And no great world religion is uncontaminated!

The multitudes of humanity have indeed been deceived into rejecting the truth of God and accepting the lies of the evil adversary of all that's holy and good. Hindu, Muslim, animist, Buddhist, Confucian, Shintoist - and, let it be said, Christian have all drunk deeply from the "golden cup" of error poured out from ancient Babylon.

And soon the "god" who authored the error will demand open worship from all mankind!

Do You Believe...?

Let's examine one error common to all mainstream religions. It's a Satanic lie, and underpins all false religion from the beginning! From it stems evil teachings that blind mankind to truth, and chain him to error.

Do you as a Christian believe there is a hell fire? That - with "refinements" to cater for the innocence of childhood or other exceptions unrepentant men, women and children will at death for ever be tormented in a fiery pit totally subservient to the whims of the Devil and his demonic hordes? However avoided in "polite" Christian circles and conversation, this is a basic teaching of the Christian faith.

Yet it stems from the great lie taught to our first parents in Eden!

Do you believe that billions now dead are forever lost and being tormented in a fiery hell - because the missionary didn't reach them in time, because they never had opportunity to accept Jesus Christ? This, too, stems from the same lie.

Do you believe that your departed loved ones are now in heaven "enjoying" the presence of God? Billions do - and not only Christians! The idea comes from that lie.

Do you believe in re-incarnation the idea that each of us has had a succession of lives in order to become "good"? Most of mankind believes it, including increasing numbers of professing Christians. That, too, comes from the lie!

Do you believe that man's soul (or spirit) can after death freely roam around, haunt its former residence or friends, make contact with the living directly or through a medium or a ouija board or other device? That same lie!

Do you believe that you are, now, 'god'? That all men have in them the 'divine spark'? That same lie.

What was the lie taught by Satan to our first parents?

"You Won't Die"

Simply - "you shall not surely die". When Mother Eve rehearsed to Satan what God had told Adam about the awful effects of eating from the forbidden tree, he assured her "You shall not surely die. Eat of this and you will live for ever - just like a god". Billions have believed him - including virtually all of mankind now alive.

It has caused millions of tortured deaths in the name of religion since it was first uttered. In a sense, it has been responsible for every human death since creation! For in believing the satanic lie death passed on all mankind. And this false notion has been responsible for uncounted except by God! - deaths of the people of God throughout the ages.

It simply isn't true! In this teaching of the immortality of the soul, Satan has forged iron chains of the spirit that bind mankind to a lifetime of superstitious unreason.

Love the Truth

The stark fact is that through six millennia Satan has prepared the minds of all mankind to give him the worship he craves.

Satan is an incredibly intelligent spirit entity - but an intelligence that is warped, confused, incredibly evil, and implacably opposed to the Creator God. His is a mind that is dedicated to overthrowing God from His heavenly throne. A mind that will do everything in his power to replace the Almighty mighty Creator! That uses every person or organization or religion or government or philosophy to further his evil ends. Who appears as an `angel of light' promising eternal life, if necessary, to ensnare and deceive.

Will you be deceived into worshipping him? Will you believe the great signs and wonders he - and his ministers - will use to gain your allegiance? Virtually every person on earth will believe them, will literally begin to worship the Devil. Only God's elect will not be taken in. But only if they tremble at God's Word, stand in awe of Him, and submit to His revelation in the Scriptures.

You can resist Satan's wiles - if you learn to love the truth!

The Bible, the written Word of God, has been delivered to us across a sea of the blood of those who preserved it, translated it, published it, defended it. It represents the `faith once for all delivered to the saints' (Jude 3). It contains the truth of God.

The Scriptures teach that many of those who have become true Christians will indeed be deceived. For `God will send them a fatal delusion that they will believe that lie' (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Why will they be so deluded? "Because - v.10 - they received not a love of the truth".

Every truly converted man or woman will longingly desire to seek out the truths of the Bible. They will, as Jesus himself said and did, want to `live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God' (Matthew 4:4). They will diligently pore over it to confirm - or otherwise - what their preacher or priest tells them (Acts 17:11). And they will refuse to believe what isn't there.

What have you to fear?

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Volume 2 No. 1, January/February 1998. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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