34 Lord, Thou Hast Been our Dwelling Place

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1. Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place through all the ages of our race,
before the mountains had their birth, Or ever Thou hadst formed the earth.
From everlasting Thou art God, to everlasting our abode.
2. O teach Thou us to count our days and set our hearts on wisdom's ways;
Turn, Lord to us in our distress, In pity now Thy servants bless.
Let mercy's dawn dispel our night and all our day with joy be bright.
3. O send the day of joy and light, for long has been our sorrow's night;
Afflicted through the weary years, We wait until Thy help appears.
With us and with our sons abide; in us let God be glorified.
4. So let there be on us bestowed the beauty of the Lord our God;
The work accomplished by our hand establish Thou, and make it stand.
Yes, let our hopeful labor be established evermore by Thee.

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