181 Save Me, O God, By Thy Great Name

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1. Save me, O God, by Thy great Name and judge me by Thy strength.
My prayer hear and to my words, O God, give ear to me.
For they that strangers are to me do up against me rise;
Oppressors seek my life but they care not at all for God.
2. The mighty God my Helper is; Lo therefore I am bold.
He taketh part with every one that does my soul uphold.
To all my watchful foes He will their evil deeds repay,
O, for Thy truth's sake cut them off and sweep them all away.
3. A freewill offering I to Thee will bring in sacrifice,
Lord, of Thy Name for it is good, Thy praises will I sing
because he hath delivered me from all adversities
and His desire my eye has seen upon my enemies.

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