173 Give Ear unto My Words, O Lord

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1. Give ear unto my words, O Lord, My meditation weigh;
Hear my loud cry, my King, my God, for I to Thee will pray.
Lord, Thou shalt early hear my voice; I early will direct
my prayer to Thee, and looking up, an answer will expect.
2. For Thou art not a God who does in wickedness delight;
No evil shall abide with Thee, nor fools stand in Thy sight;
All evil doers Thou dost hate, cut off shall liars be;
The bloody and deceitful man, abhorred is by Thee.
3. But I into Thy house will come in Thy abundant grace;
and I will worship in Thy fear toward Thy holy place.
Because of watchful enemies, O lead me by Thy grace,
and in Thy righteousness, Thy way make straight before my face.
4. Let all who trust in Thee be glad, in shouts their praise proclaim.
Thou savest them; let all rejoice who love Thy Holy Name.
For Lord, unto the righteous man Thou wilt Thy blessing yield;
With favor Thou wilt compass him about as with a shield.

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