105 Proclaim Holy Convocations

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1. Our God spoke to Moses saying, Declare unto Israel
The feasts of the Lord, portraying my plan for mankind I foretell.
Proclaim holy convocations, the time and the seasons I give;
And teach them my revelation so you and your seed might live.
2. Six days shall your work be finished; the seventh, the Sabbath rest.
No work shall be undertaken till the sunset has come in the west.
3. God gave us the holy feast days to picture His master plan,
To show us His love forever, His love for the fam'ly of man.
Copyright by Ross Jutsum, used by permission.

Dr. Ross Jutsum, originally "a Queensland boy from Warwick," Australia, now living with his family in Southern California, holds a doctorate in conducting from the University of North Texas and a master's degree in piano performance from California State University at Los Angeles. Ross has twenty-three years experience as a university professor and has published over 100 original compositions.

Since 1997 when Ross founded State of the Heart Music Ministry, an interdenominational ministry dedicated to building bridges in the Body of Christ, he has produced 13 compact disc recordings of worship music and has presented concerts and seminars in over 300 cities worldwide. His website is www.stateoftheheart.org.

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