102 O Come, My People, to My Law

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1. O come, my people, to my law, attentively give ear;
With willing heart and teachable the words of wisdom hear.
2. My mouth shall speak in parables of hidden truths of old
which, handed down from age to age, to us our fathers told.
3. We will not from their children hide Jehovah's worthy praise
but tell the greatness of His strength, His wondrous works and ways.
4. A testimony and a law the Lord our God decreed,
and bade our fathers teach their sons, that they His ways might heed.
5. He willed that each succeeding race His deeds might learn and know,
that children's children to their sons might all these wonders show.
6. Let children learn God's righteous ways and on Him stay their heart,
that they may not forget His works nor from His ways depart.

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