100 The Statutes of the Lord

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1. The statutes of the Lord are right and do rejoice the heart;
The Lord's command is pure, and doth light to the eyes impart.
O how love I Thy law, O how love I Thy law! It is my mediation all the day;
O how love I Thy law, O how love I Thy law; It is my mediation all the day.
2. Unspotted is the fear of God and ever doth endure;
The judgments of the Lord are truth and righteousness most pure.
3. They, more than gold, yea, much fine gold, to be desired are,
than honey from the honeycomb that droppeth sweeter far.
4. Moreover, they Thy servant warn how he his life should frame;
A great reward provided is for them that keep the same.
5. O do not suffer sin to have dominion over me;
I shall be righteous, then, and from the great transgression free.

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