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Evolution vs. Creation

Much of the argument concerning Evolution vs. Creation revolves around details of scientific observation and explanation. This appraisal addresses more basic issues. In the discussion here, "Biblical Creation" is contrasted with "Atheistic Evolution".

"Biblical Creation" limits itself to what the Bible actually says, rather than extrapolations based on chronological reconstructions, scientific creationism, etc.

"Atheistic Evolution" limits itself to an entirely materialistic view, rather than theistic evolution, etc.

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Basic question: Biblical Creation Atheistic Evolution
What? The physical and spiritual universe The physical universe
When? From forever ("before the world was") to forever Between the "Big Bang" (12 billion years ago?) and the "Big Crunch"(?)
Who? God Blind chance
How? By spiritual and physical processes By physical processes only
Where? Physical universe is a speck in the midst of an infinite spiritual universe Our physical universe may be a speck in an infinity of physical universes
Why? God's intention is to bring many sons and daughters to glory No reason

Compiled by John M. Linacre, Ph.D.

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