Is the Christian Sabbath Saturday or Sunday? What is the "Lord's Day"?

"Remarks on the different Sentiments entertained in Christendom relative to the Weekly Sabbath."


CHAPTER I. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Nature of a Weekly Sabbath. p. 13.

CHAPTER II. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Obligation of a Weekly Sabbath. p. 22

CHAPTER III. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Antiquity of the Seventh Day Weekly Sabbath. p. 31

CHAPTER IV.-Differences of Opinion concerning the Regard paid by the Patriarchs and the Gentiles to the Seventh Day Weekly Sabbath. p. 48

CHAPTER V. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Seventh Day observed by the Jews as the Weekly Sabbath. p. 76

CHAPTER VI. - Differences of Opinion concerning the supposed Repeal of the Seventh Day Weekly Sabbath. p. 104

CHAPTER VII. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Claim of the First Day to be the Weekly Sabbath by Divine Authority. p. 143
[Also Chapter VII. Part B and Part C.]

CHAPTER VIII. - Differences of Opinion concerning the supposed Authority of Apostolic Tradition to render the First Day the Weekly Sabbath. p. 219

CHAPTER IX. - Differences of Opinion concerning the Commencement and Termination of the Scriptural Weekly Sabbath. p. 239

CHAPTER X. - Differences of Opinion concerning the supposed Lawfulness of Man to transfer the Scriptural Weekly Sabbath to another Day. p. 251

CHAPTER XI. - Differences of opinion concerning the supposed Authority of Man to institute a Weekly Sabbath. p.273

CHAPTER XII. - Differences of opinion concerning the Importance of the Grounds on which Sanctification is claimed for a Day as the Weekly Sabbath, and its obtaining that Sanctification. p. 288



Robert Burnside, 1825:The agreement in sentiment, at least in appearance, respecting the weekly sabbath, is so general, not to say universal, among Christians, that there may seem at first view, to be no subject for the remarks proposed in the title-page to be made.

"What occasion," it may be asked, "is there for observations on differences, which, supposing them ever to have existed, have long ceased to exist? Even admitting that differences in opinion relative to some minute circumstances affecting the topic before mentioned still remain, why should the peace of individuals or of society, be disturbed for such trifles?" - In the course of the discussion, however, it will perhaps appear that the Christian world has been and still is greatly divided in opinion relative to the weekly sabbath, and that the points at issue are by no means inconsiderable. With respect to any inconvenience that may arise from such an investigation, an intelligent, and much more a religious mind, will pause before it determines on refusing to examine a question that involves any point of Christianity, small as it may be comparatively, in order to avoid inconvenience. The dread of error itself should not prevent inquiry after truth; since the danger of adopting it in consequence of discussion is not greater than that of retaining it through declining discussion.

The points on which I propose to consider the differences alluded to, are stated in the following Chapters.

by Robert Burnside

London, 1825. Schnectady (Joseph Stillman), 1827.

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