Abbreviated Summary of Beliefs

of the Active Bible Church of God

Please do not take these too seriously. They are not mathematically precise. They are an indication of what we understand the Bible to say to us as we read it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is no requirement to believe all (or any) of these in order to fellowship with us. Our hope of glory is "Christ in us", not doctrinal correctness.

  1. GOD is the eternal supreme creator and sustainer of the entire universe. God is one family, presently revealed to comprise God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. God the Father is a righteous, loving, merciful being who wants to share His magnificent existence by reproducing Himself through man.

  2. BIBLE is the divinely inspired word of God containing the plan of salvation. It is the guidebook to life.

  3. JESUS CHRIST has existed eternally as the "Word". He became the human Messiah to die for the sins of the world as our savior. He was resurrected and ascended to heaven to become our High Priest. He will return to rule the earth as King of Kings.

  4. THE HOLY SPIRIT is the essence, power, mind and spiritual extension of God. God places the Holy Spirit with humans to beget us as His children.

  5. The NAMES of GOD describe Who He is and What He does: His names include: Eternal, Salvation, Righteousness, Healer, Father, Almighty. He wants all people, everywhere, to pray to Him regardless of different human languages. When we communicate with Him, He is concerned about the heart and the spirit, not spelling and pronunciation. Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin or any other language are all alike to God.

  6. MANKIND are physical, flesh and blood beings with no inherent immortality, but created in God's image, with the potential to become members of the God family.

  7. ANGELIC REALM are spirit beings being created by God to be his servants. Some, lead by Lucifer, now Satan the Devil, rebelled and are now the demons.

  8. SALVATION is the free gift by which God, through Jesus, save man from the penalty of sin and gives him eternal life. It is a life-long process beginning with God's call and ending at the resurrection.

  9. FAITH is knowledge of God and His promises, together with action firmly founded on that knowledge.

  10. REPENTANCE is the act of acknowledging one's sins and sinful nature, and embarking on the transformation into person of obedience and righteousness, walking as Jesus walked.

  11. BAPTISM follows upon repentance and acceptance of Jesus as savior. It requires complete immersion under water, as the burial of the old carnally-oriented self, followed by raising out of water as the emergence of the new spiritually-oriented man.

  12. LAYING ON OF HANDS is a special act symbolizing God's action through the Holy Spirit: after baptism to beget His new child; at ordination, to appoint His new servant; in sickness, to forgive and raise up the afflicted.

  13. KINGDOM OF GOD is God's rulership over the Earth. It is already here covertly as a grain of mustard seed, wherever God is acting. It will become overt and worldwide following Christ's return.

  14. GOSPEL is the message lived and preached by Jesus about God's Kingdom and how humans can enter it. That message encompasses the Old and New Testaments.

  15. RESURRECTIONS are mentioned in the Bible: 1) the resurrection of Jesus, 2) the resurrection of the dead in Christ at His coming, 3) the Great White Throne resurrection for the rest of the dead who had no real opportunity for salvation, 4) the resurrection of those who reject God to the second death, burned up in the lake of fire.

  16. JUDGEMENT is God's continuing evaluation and final decision. Judgment is now on the household of God. All (Christian or not) are judged according to what they do with what they are given, for the times of their ignorance God winks at.

  17. LAW OF GOD is a good, right and perfect system of eternal directives and principles which reflect God's character and His love towards man.

  18. BIBLICAL COVENANTS are promises and agreements between God and man. They include the Noah's rainbow, Abraham's promised land, Moses' Old Covenant, David's kingship, and Jesus's New Covenant with better promises to be fully implemented after His return.

  19. TEN COMMANDMENTS summarize essential aspects of God's nature and instruct humans how to relate to God and one another.

  20. SABBATH is holy time, instituted at Creation and now, under the Lordship of Jesus, a vital part of the Christian's relationship with God.

  21. ANNUAL HOLY DAYS are God's appointed feasts, observed in both Old Testament and New Testament times, symbolize important features of God's interaction with mankind. They are still to be kept.

  22. TITHING is a Biblically-enjoined act of worship, by which the Christian honors God and supports His work.

  23. SINful acts are the transgression of God's law, and a reflection of the sinful nature of man in rebellion against God. Sin's penalty is removed by acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus. The sinful nature is transformed by the power of God's Holy Spirit and Christ living in us.

  24. THE CHRISTIAN is one in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, included are the saints of the Old Testament.

  25. THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY: Marriage reflects the spiritual relationship between Christ and the Church. The parent- child relationship reflects the relationship between God and the Christian.

  26. HEALING is a miracle by which a loving and forgiving God restores the afflicted to spiritual and often also to physical well-being. God acts according to the degree of faith: the faith of Jesus, of the afflicted, of those concerned for the afflicted, of the minister performing the anointing, and of the groaning of the Holy Spirit.

  27. THE CHURCH OF GOD is the spiritual body of Christ, comprised of Christians scattered around the world, regardless of human organizations.

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