America & Britain: the future

Chapter 5--

America & Britain in Prophecy:
What Is Now Prophesied?

hat does the future hold for our American and British peoples? Despite the tremendous, incredible blessings God has poured out on our peoples, not all is well with Britain and America. In fact, something terribly wrong has happened.
Why this matters ...
Arguing forward... Arguing backward...

(a) Does God keep His promises?
If no, stop here.

(b) Were any promises of physical blessings made to the Biblical patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(c) Is anyone alive today (regardless of ethnicity, race, language, geographical location, ...) the recipient of promises of physical blessings made to the patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(d) If someone is a recipient, are there special responsibilities that go along with those blessings?
If no, stop here.

(e) If there are special responsibilities, then do we need to discover if we are the ones with those special responsibilities?
If no, stop here.

(f) If we are the ones with those special responsibilities, should we perform them?
If no, stop here.

(g) Get to it! Perform those special responsibilities!

(a) As a nation (of all kinds of ethnicities, races, languages, ...), do we have more than our share of physical blessings?
If no, stop here.

(b) Does God gives us these blessings?
If no, stop here.

(c) Does God have a reason for giving us these blessings?
If no, stop here.

(d) Is any part of the reason the promises of physical blessings given to the Biblical patriarchs?
If no, stop here.

(e) Do God's blessings also come with special responsibilities for those blessed?
If no, stop here.

(f) Do we have special responsibilities?
If no, stop here.

(g) Let's get to it! Let's perform those special responsibilities!

In 1840, Wilson concluded that the British Empire was blessed as a result of the promises to the patriarchs, and so had a responsibility to set a Christian example, and evangelize, the whole world. He warned that if the British Empire did not do this, its future was bleak.
Was he right?

Following World War II, the sun finally set on the mighty British Empire as it quickly vanished from the global scene--almost overnight! Today, Britain's foreign holdings continue to dwindle. For example, Hong Kong reverts to China in 1997. The British Commonwealth is no more. (There is still a "Commonwealth," but its 50 member nations are no longer subject to the British Crown and are predominantly non-British in descent.)

The United States, once the greatest creditor nation in earth's history-even forgiving many other nations many billions of dollars of debt--has now become the greatest debtor nation the world has ever seen! Our society is plagued by persistent unemployment, broken homes and crime.

Instead of gleaming "alabaster cities," many of our urban centers are like festering scabs-just waiting to erupt in racial strife and uncontrollable violence. Our inner cities are breeding grounds for rioting, gang violence, murder, substance abuse, poverty, illiteracy, teenage pregnancy and increasing misery of every sort.

Tragically, Britain and America have mostly failed in God's purpose for them of being a blessing and good example to other nations. Moral debasement and a rejection of God by far too many have exacted a huge toll. In this chapter, we will see how this has happened to the English-speaking peoples and why God is going to have to violently SHAKE us out of our evil ways.

"Too Privileged"?

The American author, John Steinbeck (1902-1968), once said, "If I wanted to destroy a nation, I would give it too much and I would have it on its knees, miserable, greedy and sick." Compared with the one billion impoverished human beings lacking adequate food, many Americans, Britons, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders are overfed and overweight! Have we been so blessed that we have taken these God-given blessings for granted? Have we been too blessed for our own good?

Japan's late Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka once said, "I often wonder why you [Americans] worry so much about domestic problems when you have such an abundance of resources. For example, look at American agricultural productivity. It's easy for the U.S. to expand its output whenever it chooses. We can't do that in Japan. When I compare the situation here in Japan with the situation in your country, I think that as a nation you are too privileged.... God has not been very fair in the distribution of resources.... Americans have the most stable economy, they have an abundance of resources available within their own country, and they have more investments abroad than any other country" (U.S. News & World Report, Nov. 26, 1973).

Have we, indeed, been "too privileged"? As we read in the previous chapter, it is God's prerogative, as the Creator and Possessor of Heaven and Earth, to distribute resources to whomever He wills-to fulfill His supreme purpose. But we, the recipients of the fabulous birthright blessings, need to always appreciate them, giving Almighty God thanks for everything we have, remembering that "every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights" (Jas. 1:17). Yet we Anglo-Americans have not always kept this important fact in mind.

"We Have Forgotten God"

President Abraham Lincoln eloquently summarized our forgetful attitude as the American Civil War raged: "We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own.

"Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of [God's] redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!" (Proclamation, Mar. 30, 1863).

God even foresaw this mindset-and warned Israel against it: "Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today, lest--when you have eaten and are full, and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them; and when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and your gold are multiplied, and all that you have is multiplied... your heart is lifted up, and you forget the LORD your God.... Then you say in your heart, 'My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth'" (Deut. 8:11-14, 17).

How does God answer this? "And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers.... If you by any means forget the LORD your God... I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish" (vv. 18-19). But, frighteningly, this is exactly what most of our peoples HAVE done! Surely national destruction cannot be far behind.

God's prophecies reveal a broken and devastated Israel at the very end of this age--sorely punished for forgetting and rebelling against God. "Indeed all the nations will wonder, 'Why has the LORD done thus to this land? What caused this great display of anger?' They will conclude, 'It is because they abandoned the covenant of the LORD, the God of their ancestors'" (Deut. 29:24-25 NRSV).

Frankly, then, we have only ourselves to blame. In President Lincoln's solemn words, "If danger ever reaches us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher." He was right. It is our grievous national sins that separate us from God (Is. 59:1-2)!

If Israel had continued to worship and obey God, it would have become a model nation for all the other nations to follow! Moses made this point clear: "Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and the judgments which I teach you to observe, that you may live... for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these statutes, and say, 'Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.' For what great nation is there that has God so near to it, as the LORD our God is to us.... And what great nation is there that has such statutes and righteous judgments as are in all this law which I set before you this day?" (Deut. 4:1, 6-8).

Yet notice what would happen if the Israelites betrayed their special relationship with God: "O children of Israel... 'You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities'" (Amos 3:1-2). God believes in accountability! "But they [the Israelites] rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit; so He turned Himself against them as an enemy, and He fought against them" (Is. 63:10). What a frightening thing it is when we make God-the most powerful Being in the universe-our enemy!

During the Korean War, on December 12, 1951, General Douglas MacArthur alerted his fellow Americans: "In this day of gathering storm, as the moral deterioration... spreads its infection... it is essential that every spiritual force be mobilized to defend and preserve the religious base upon which this nation was founded. For it is that base which has been the motivating impulse to our moral and national growth.

"History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual reawakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster" (A Soldier Speaks, pp. 285-286). As horrible as it is to contemplate, this is exactly where America and Britain are heading!

"I Will Break the Pride of Your Power!"

Remember from chapter two that Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 outline blessings for Israel's obedience to God and curses for disobedience. These were not for Old Testament times only!

Some believe that, because God divorced ancient Israel (Jer. 3:8) and because the Old Covenant marriage ended with Christ's death, God no longer deals with His physical people based on these principles. While the Husband/wife relationship based on the Sinai covenant HAS ended between God and physical Israel, the God/people relationship based on much earlier promises to Abraham

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
"We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven...we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God."
has certainly NOT ended! The conditional prophecies of blessings and curses was not the Old Covenant itself. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 simply express how God would deal with His physical people-even today!

Through Moses, God solemnly promised the Israelites that if they obeyed Him, He would bless them and their descendants in their cities and countryside. They would be given peace, prosperity, overflowing happiness and every blessing imaginable! This included unquestioned military supremacy: "You will chase your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you. Five of you shall chase a hundred, a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight" (Lev. 26:7-8).

But if they flagrantly broke God's covenant, His laws and statutes, then God Almighty said He would remove those blessings and punish them for their unfaithfulness. They would have drought, crop failures, famine and pestilence. The aliens in their land would rise up very high above them until they were destroyed as a nation (cf. Deut. 28:43).

Moreover, God warns: "But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments... but break my covenant, I will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever.... I will set my face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you. And after all this, if you do not obey Me, then.... I will break the pride of your power" (Lev. 26:14-19)! Not only did this apply to ancient Israel-it also applies to modern Israel-the Anglo-Saxon-Celts!

Have we witnessed warning signals that our power is already being broken? Many claim that Britain has been reduced to a "fourth-rate power." The U.S. has been called a "paper tiger" or described as "all bark and no bite." Has America lost the will to win? When we fought North Korea, along with our U.N. allies, we reached a stalemate. When we fought the Vietnamese, our soldiers never lost a major military engagement. But politics and public scorn forced us to shamefully crawl out of that war-torn country on our bellies. Of course, we Anglo-Americans have won a few police actions against such tiny countries as Grenada, the Falkland Islands and Panama.

More recently, we and our allies fought Iraq in the Persian Gulf War. Early in the conflict, U.S. President George Bush called on all Americans to pray to God for divine help and the safety of our men. It is striking that there were remarkably few losses! President Bush responded admirably to this outcome by again calling on Americans to pray-this time to thank God for answering the nation's prayers.

However, in general, our people have not truly turned to God in heartfelt repentance-rejecting their sinful ways and embracing God's commandments. Thus, the pride we had in our military power remains broken. In fact, even though we could have vanquished Iraq, totally eliminating the threat it posed to our national interests, we stopped short of marching in and deposing the "Butcher of Baghdad."

The Coming "Great Tribulation"

One of the most detailed prophecies in the Bible is found in Jeremiah 31-32. The Prophet Jeremiah wrote about 130 years after the northern Ten Tribes of Israel were taken captive in 721 B.C. Therefore his prophecies couldn't possibly refer to ancient Israel prior to that time. (That would be like a prophet today "foretelling" the American Civil War.) Jeremiah's prophecies can only refer to the end time-our day! They are addressed to both "Israel and Judah" (Jer. 30:4), meaning both the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples and our kinsmen, the Jews.

Jeremiah writes, "For thus says the LORD: 'We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace. Ask now, and see, whether a man is ever in labor with child? So why do I see every man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labor, and all faces turned pale? Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of JACOB'S trouble, but [after going through it] he shall be saved out of it'" (vv. 5-7)!

The Prophet Daniel, who wrote his prophecies even later than Jeremiah-nearly 200 years after the ancient captivity of the Ten Tribes-also mentions a time of trouble for Israel "at the time of the end" (Dan. 11:40). "At that time Michael shall stand up, the great prince ["the archangel" Moffatt] who stands watch over the sons of your people [Jacob's descendants]; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time [after enduring this horrible "trouble"], your people shall be delivered" (12:1).

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ spoke of what could only be the same traumatic time of unprecedented worldwide human suffering: "For then there will be great tribulation [Gk. thlipsis megale, "mega-misery"], such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened [by God], no flesh would be saved ["alive" Moffatt]; but for the elect's sake [i.e. the sake of those who genuinely turn to God in repentant obedience and faith] those days will be shortened" (vv. 21-22; cf. Mark 13:19-20). Only in our modern age-with the proliferation of nuclear weaponry-has it been possible that if a great conflict were not halted, "no flesh would be saved alive."

Christ said, concerning this Great Tribulation, "For it will come as a SNARE on all those who dwell on the face of the WHOLE EARTH" (Luke 21:35). Yet Jesus has promised those who remain faithful to Him, "Because you have kept my word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial [Tribulation] which is coming on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth" (Rev. 3:10 NRSV)!

When we put these verses together, we see that ALL of them refer unmistakably to the SAME TIME. There cannot be more than one worst time ever! These passages describe a unique time in man's history-a time of great trouble so traumatic that no other period in the entire history of the earth will have ever been so bad. In all the bloodstained, awful history of humanity, never has any people experienced the intensity of horrors prophesied to come on a global scale.

The Prophet Ezekiel, writing between the times of Jeremiah and Daniel-about 150 years after the Ten Tribes went into Assyrian captivity-also mentioned this unparalleled time of Jacob's trouble. God, in Ezekiel 5, tells modern Israel, "Because you have multiplied disobedience more than the nations that are all around you, and have not walked in My statutes, nor kept My judgments... I, even I, am against you and will execute judgments in your midst.... And I will do among you what I have never done, and the like of which I will never do again" (vv. 7-9).

But why would a loving God allow such a terrible calamity to befall His people? "A disaster, a singular disaster; behold, it has come!... Doom has come to you, you who dwell in the land; the time has come, a day of trouble [the Great Tribulation] is near, and not of rejoicing.... Now upon you I will soon pour out My fury, and spend My anger upon you; I will judge you according to your ways, and I will repay you for all your abominations.

"My eye will not spare, nor will I have pity; I will repay you according to your ways, and your abominations will be in your midst. Then you will know that I am the LORD who strikes" (7:5, 7-9). Idolatry, sorcery, murder, rape, adultery, incest and numerous other loathsome acts are all "abominations" in the eyes of God (Lev. 20:1-27).

But in the eyes of our society, gender preference is accepted as a "lifestyle choice" - God will not let such wickedness go unpunished (cf. Gen. 19; 1 Cor. 6:9-10). Also, the murder of countless millions of innocent unborn children (i.e. "legalized" abortion) is a terrible blot on the Anglo-American national conscience (Num. 35:33; Ezek. 7:23; Is. 59:3). Rest assured--God is going to repay our peoples for such great evil!

Shamefully, the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are flagrantly breaking God's laws--committing not only religious crimes such as idolatry and Sabbath breaking (cf. Ezek. 20:12-24; Is. 59:1-15), but also many heinous sins and perversions.

Horrifying World War III!

In Ezekiel 5, the Almighty describes future pestilence, famine and warfare on an almost unimaginable scale: "ONE-THIRD of you shall die of the pestilence [disease epidemics, such as cancer, AIDS, Ebola, etc.], and be consumed with famine in your midst; and ONE-THIRD shall fall by the sword [warfare] all around you; and I will scatter ANOTHER THIRD to all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them. Thus shall My anger be spent, and I will cause My fury to rest upon them, and I will be avenged; and they shall know that I, the LORD, have spoken it in My zeal, when I have spent My fury upon them" (vv. 12-13)!

What a staggering death toll! If one-third of our people die of disease and famine, and one-third die by war, this would mean the deaths of approximately 200 million modern Israelites-since there are now about 300 million Anglo-Saxon-Celtic descendants of the ancient Patriarch Jacob living in Northwest Europe, North America and Australasia. Also, ONE-THIRD of all mankind in general will die during the terrible coming crises at the close of this age (Rev. 9:12-21)! Such awful, ni.htmlarish destruction could happen only by a horrifying World War III!

At the time when the Anglo-Americans have become, among other nations, "like a lion among the beasts of the forest" with all our enemies "cut off" (Mic. 5:8-9), God says that, because of our skyrocketing sins and crimes, He will bring sudden destruction upon us-giving us over to crushing defeat at the hands of a cruel enemy! The very next verses in Micah make this quite clear: "And it shall be in that day... that I will cut off your horses from your midst and destroy your chariots [tanks, artillery, armored cars].

"I will cut off the cities of your land and throw down all your strongholds [military installations]. I will cut off sorceries from your hand, and you shall have no soothsayers [no more psychic phone hotlines!]. Your carved images [which fill our churches and religious shrines] I will also cut off.... You shall no more worship the work of your hands.... Thus I will destroy your cities" (vv. 10-14)!

How will this happen? Ezekiel 6:6-7 makes it even more plain: "In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid waste.... The slain shall fall in your midst, and you shall know that I am the LORD." This never happened in the destruction of ancient Israel-it must refer to a time soon coming! What, then, is meant here? Think about it: cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, London, Glasgow, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland-ALL LAID WASTE!

Coupled with Christ's remark that "no flesh would be saved alive" if God didn't intervene (Matt. 24:22), this almost certainly indicates horrific nuclear warfare or some other advanced method of mass destruction. It is a terrifying fact that man has never invented a weapon he has not later used. Missiles packing multiple nuclear warheads will, more than likely, prove to be no exception.

In the aftermath of the coming conflagration, a lack of sustenance will produce ghastly consequences: "I will let loose the sword of war on you, in punishment for your breach of compact, and you shall huddle inside your towns; I will send pestilence among you, and you shall fall into the hands of an enemy. When I deprive you of the bread that sustains you, ten of your women will need but one oven for their baking, and your bread shall be doled out in rations, till you never have enough to eat. If all this will not make you listen to me, if you continue to defy me, then I will defy you in my fury.... You shall be forced to eat the flesh of your sons and of your daughters" (Lev. 26:25-29 Moffatt).

The starving, emaciated descendants of modern Israel (our Anglo-American people) will even stoop to CANNIBALISM! Ezekiel also prophesied this tragic condition: "Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in your midst, and sons shall eat their fathers" (Ezek. 5:10). The Word of God relates the gory details of this vile episode in Deuteronomy 28:53-57 (cf. 2 Kings 6:25-29).

National Captivity Again?

Correction from God is absolutely necessary. Just as any loving parent will sometimes discipline his or her children for their ultimate good, so it is with God (Heb. 12:5-11). Our merciful God promises, "Though I make a full end of all nations where I have scattered you [Israel's countries today], yet I will not make a complete end of you. But I will correct you in justice, and will not let you go altogether unpunished" (Jer. 30:11). The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand-all of these political entities will disappear from history. But, as with the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the citizenry of these countries will not be completely wiped out (Amos 9:8-9). What will happen to those who are not destroyed?

As we saw in Ezekiel, though two-thirds of modern Israelites will die by war, disease and famine, another third (about 100 million people) will be scattered. How will this be accomplished? God says, "Yet I will leave a remnant, so that you may have some who escape the sword among the nations, when you are scattered through the countries. Then those of you who escape will remember Me among the nations where they are CARRIED CAPTIVE" (Ezek. 6:8-9).

"Carried captive"? Many contend that Ezekiel, himself a Jewish exile in Babylonian captivity, was writing here about the Jews. That is simply not so. God told him to direct his words to the "mountains [prophetic symbol for nations] of ISRAEL" (v. 3). When shown this, many then conclude that these words refer to ancient Israel's Assyrian captivity. But could that be so? No-for, as mentioned previously, Ezekiel wrote his prophecies a century and a half after that captivity. Thus God, through Ezekiel, was here referring to a yet future captivity and deportation IN OUR DAY!

The Almighty tells our peoples, "I will scatter you [as He did the Ten Tribes in the 700s B.C.] among the nations and draw out a sword after you; your land shall be desolate and your cities waste.... You shall perish among the nations, and the land of your enemies shall eat you up. And those of you who are left shall waste away in their iniquity in your enemies' lands" (Lev. 26:33, 38-39). How very similar to the concentration camps of National-Socialist Germany!

In Jeremiah's prophecy, God explains the nature of the coming captivity which Israel and Judah will yet be led out of (something that has NEVER happened before): "For behold, the days are coming... that I will bring back from captivity My people Israel and Judah" (30:3). In ancient times, Israel's captivity (721 B.C.) occurred 135 years before Judah's captivity (586 B.C.). But, during "Jacob's Trouble," the captivity of Israel and Judah will occur simultaneously.

What will God be delivering them from? "For it shall come to pass in that day... that I will break his YOKE from your neck, and will burst your BONDS; foreigners shall no more enslave them'" (v. 8). When Britons sing "Rule Britannia," they boast that "Britons never will be slaves!" But, despite those lyrics, modern Britons, and Americans too, will be herded into slavery-scattered over the globe to work in their captors' mines, factories, fields, etc.

Prophecy reveals that, during the coming, horrendous World War III, both the Anglo-Americans and the Jews will suffer together at the hands of the coming "Beast" mentioned in Revelation 13, 17 and 19-a revival of sorts of the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages in a ten-nation European power bloc. This system is also referred to as "Babylon" (Is. 47; Rev. 18). Even as you read these words, this coming political, economic and religious superpower is forming in Europe under the auspices of the European Union. Other prophecies show that Germany will provide its dynamic heart (see box: "Portrait of a Cruel Conqueror").

Israel's captivity will be a horrific time of unparalleled suffering, during which the vast majority of modern Israel will die. Isaiah wrote: "Then I said, 'Lord, how long will it be before they are ready to listen?' And he replied, 'Not until their cities are destroyed-without a person left-and the whole country is an utter wasteland, and they are all taken away as slaves to other countries far away, and all the land of Israel lies deserted! Yet a TENTH--a remnant--will survive; and though Israel is invaded again and again and destroyed, yet Israel will be like a tree cut down, whose stump still lives to grow again'" (Is. 6:11-13 Living Bible).

Think of it! Of the 100 million scattered Israelites taken into captivity, only a mere fraction will survive! How might this happen? Are you, the reader, aware that modern chemical weapons are far more lethal than the gas chambers and ovens of Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, etc.- by which millions of Jews, Slavs and others were slaughtered during the Second World War. Some of those gas chambers still stand preserved right now as monuments of great human atrocities. They remind us of the capabilities of the evil and unscrupulous! All of this should shake us out of lethargy!

Portrait of a Cruel Conqueror
Who will Israel's main enemy in the end time be? Moses predicted, "The LORD will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the EAGLE flies, a nation whose language you will not understand" (Deut. 28:49). To fulfill this prophecy to Israel in ancient times, God used the Assyrians-with their symbol of the eagle. A number of prophecies show that, in the last days, God will use these same people to lead a ten-nation United States of Europe to capture and enslave modern Israel. In fact, modern Assyria will be the main land of our peoples' future captivity (Is. 11:16; 27:13; Zech. 10:10).

Just who were the Assyrians-and who are they today? Smith's Bible Dictionary says, "Assyria... derived its name apparently from Asshur, the son of Shem, Gen. 10:22, who in later times was worshipped by the Assyrians as their chief god" ("Assyria, Asshur--). What happened to these people when their empire fell at the destruction of their capital city of Nineveh in 612 B.C.? Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.) located the "Assyriani" of his day NORTH of the Crimea in Russia (Historia Naturalis, bk. 4, sec. 12).

So the Assyrians must have migrated north through the Caucasus Mountains just as the Cimmerians and some Scythians did! This would make them "Caucasian" too--which makes sense, considering their Shemite (white) ancestry. Where did they go from the Crimea? Jerome (Latin scholar, c. 340-420) later wrote, "Asshur also is joined with the tribes invading Western Europe ALONG THE RHINE" (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, ltr. 123, sec. 16). So their migratory route was similar to the Israelites-except the Assyrians stopped in Central Europe and settled "along the Rhine."

The names of some of Asshur's descendants also give some striking clues about the identity of the modern Assyrians. Though not listed in the Bible, they can be found in numerous ancient histories and Bible encyclopedias. They include: Khatti; Akkadians; Kassites (or Cossaei); and Almani (or Halmani). Now notice the names of early German tribes in Europe: Hessians (anciently named Khatti-"Germany," Encyclopaedia Britannica); Quadians (Latin for Akkadians); the Chauci (same as the Cossaei); and the Allemani (Latin for Almani). The French name for Germany is still Allemagne! Certainly we have identified the modern descendants of Asshur. They are the German-speaking peoples of Central Europe!

Now it is much easier to see how some of the Germans have been looked upon as Scythian-related by modern historians. They migrated from the same areas! Also we can better see how the language of the modern Scythians (Israelites) is Germanic (Assyrian)-they adopted the language of their captors! But wasn't Assyrian a Semitic language like Hebrew-totally different from modern German? The Oxford Companion to the Bible says that Assyrian Emperor "Ashurnasirpal II (884-859 B.C.E.)... brought large numbers of Arameans [descendants of Shem's son Aram-Syrians] into the heartland of Assyria, swelling the ranks of the court... and, by the early seventh century, replacing the Assyrian language with Aramaic [Semitic language like Hebrew] as the vernacular"-i.e. at court and as the language of writing (1993, p. 63). The unwritten language of the Assyrian people was undoubtedly the one from which the Germanic languages descend.

Notice what God says about the sons of Asshur: "Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger and the staff in whose hand is My indignation. I will send him against an ungodly nation [Israel], and against the people of My wrath I will give him charge, to seize the spoil, to take the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets. Yet he does not mean so, nor does his heart think so; but it is in his heart to destroy, and cut off not a few nations" (Is. 10:5-7). God is saying that he uses Assyria as His instrument of punishment upon Israel, but the Assyrians have other motives. Their only concern is destroying other peoples in a continual rage of imperial conquest. Haven't we seen that in modern times too?

World Wars I and II were both primarily due to German imperialism! When the "Fuhrer" (leader) stood before the great German eagle and cried for lebensraum ("living space"), was that so very different from the ways of ancient Assyria? "Its imperialistic ethic was embodied in the Middle Assyrian coronation ritual, in which the officiating priest solemnly charged the king: 'Expand your land!'" (p. 63). There are many such parallels. The worship of their father Asshur is quite interesting. Perhaps it could explain why, instead of a "Mother Country," the Germans exalt the "Fatherland."

Assyria too is part of God's plan!
"In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance."
Isaiah 19:24-25

What kind of people were the ancient Assyrians? Their cruelty was renowned among the ancient conquering empires: "They were a proud, warlike, and cruel race. Although possessing genuine religious feeling, still the Assyrian monarchs often displayed in their treatment of prisoners the disposition of savages. The sculptured marbles taken from the palaces exhibit the cruel tortures inflicted upon prisoners; kings are being led before their conqueror with hooks thrust through their lips; other prisoners are being flayed alive; the eyes of some are being bored out with the point of a spear; and still others are having their tongues torn out" (Philip Meyers, Eastern Nations and Greece, 1904, pp. 69-70). These are the conquerors whom God gave the Israelites over to!

Historian Will Durant writes, "Most often the prisoners [the Assyrians took in war]... were dispatched after the battle; they knelt with their backs to their captors, who beat their heads in with clubs, or cut them off with cutlasses.... The king, if time permitted, presided at the slaughter. The nobles among the defeated were given more special treatment: their ears, noses, hands and feet were sliced off, or they were thrown from high towers, or they and their children were beheaded, or flayed alive, or roasted over a slow fire. No compunction seems to have been felt at this waste of human life" (Story of Civilization, vol. 1, p. 271). Assyrian annals even boast of such cruelties.

Perhaps this conjures up images of the horrible torture experienced by the Jews and others in the Holocaust. It should! These national character traits have not disappeared-and they won't until after Christ returns to earth and sets up His Kingdom over all nations. Then things WILL change: "In that day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land, whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, 'Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance'" (Is. 19:24). Then Assyrian nature will be changed through receiving God's Spirit and His government!

That time, however, has not yet come. Many Britons still remember the horrors of World War II. Many still shudder at the thought of a revived, dynamic, militaristic Germany. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher recently expressed this fear at the October 1995 Forum for International Policies in Colorado Springs. Speaking of Germany, she said, "Her national character is to dominate. There is something in the character of the German people that led to things that never should have happened. Why was it that the German people let Hitler do the things he did? This is something I still fear, even to this day"!

Yes, under the right circumstances, the cruel, warlike tendencies of these modern Assyrians can be coaxed to the surface again. And, you can be certain, they assuredly WILL BE! A "Fourth Reich" will soon appear on the world scene under a new "Fuhrer"-type dictator. This German-led European power bloc will conquer the Anglo-American descendants of Israel and make them slaves!

Please understand! The Holocaust of World War II was merely a forerunner-a small "foretaste"-of a much worse fate yet to befall the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples and, again, our fellow kinsmen, the Jews! Bear in mind, too, that as the Great Tribulation will be the worst time our peoples have ever experienced, the soon-coming Assyrian-led captivity will make Israel's ancient Assyrian captivity seem like a walk in the park. Who will heed this warning? Will YOU?

After Calamity--the "Good News"!

Will the Israelites finally heed God after suffering the Great Tribulation? God says, "If they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me... and that I also have... brought them into the land of their enemies... if [they]... are humbled, and they accept their guilt-then I will remember my covenant with Jacob... with Isaac and... with Abraham.... [The Israelites] will accept their guilt, because they despised My judgments and because their soul abhorred My statutes.

"Yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away, nor shall I abhor them, to utterly destroy them and break My covenant with them; for I am the LORD their God. But for their sake I will remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt, in the sight of the nations, that I might be their God: I am the LORD" (Lev. 26:40-45).

This will indeed happen! Our Anglo-American peoples will eventually come to their senses and bitterly cry out to God when He allows our plight to become desperate! Jeremiah quotes God as saying, "In those days and in that time... the children of ISRAEL shall come, they and the children of JUDAH together; with continual weeping they shall come, and seek the LORD their God. They shall ask the way to Zion... saying, 'Come and let us join ourselves to the LORD in a perpetual covenant that will not be forgotten'" (Jer. 50:4-5).

Our peoples will say, "Come, and let us return to the LORD; for He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days [speaking prophetically, each day equals one year-Num. 14:34; Ezek. 4:6] He will revive us; on the third day [year] He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight" (Hos. 6:1-2)! Ancient Israel's bondage lasted many years, but modern Israel's enslavement will apparently only last about two and a half years (yet, as we've seen, it will be far worse).

Following this, repentant Israelites will be spared the next year-"the day of the LORD," mentioned over and over in Scripture-in which God will discipline all nations! At the end of that year, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will at last return to earth in all power and glory to establish His peaceful Kingdom over all nations for 1,000 years (Rev. 20:1-4; Dan. 2:44). At that same time, Christ will destroy the "Beast" and "the false prophet" (Zech. 14; Rev. 19), who will have put a "yoke of bondage" on the neck of modern Israel (Is. 47:1-6).

Notice what Isaiah prophesied: "It shall come to pass in that day that the LORD shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people who are left, from Assyria [Greater Germany] and Egypt... and the islands of the sea [British Isles, New Zealand, etc.] He will set up a banner for the nations, and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth" (Is. 11:11-12). Isaiah is describing a SECOND EXODUS! Also note that, at the time of the end, Israel and Judah will still be two separately identifiable peoples. The prophet continues, "For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will still choose Israel, and settle them in their own land [the Promised Land]" (14:1).

Who will lead this return and restore the Twelve Tribes to God's favor? Through Isaiah, the Messiah states, "And now the LORD says, who formed Me [Christ] from the womb to be His Servant, to bring Jacob back to Him, so that Israel is gathered to Him.... 'It is too small a thing that You should be My Servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, that You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth'" (49:5-7).

Israel's Family Reunion

In the wonderful World Ahead, when the Jews and continental Northwest Europeans have finally learned their own true identities, they will at last recognize the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples of America and Britain as their long lost brother Joseph. With great tears of joy, they will again shout, "Joseph is alive!"-just as the sons of Israel did almost 3,700 years ago. What a great and marvelous family reunion that will be!

Then, God Almighty will again unite the Anglo-Saxon-Celts with the Jews as one people (Ezek. 37:15-17). He says, "Surely I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel, his companions; and I will join them with it, with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they will be one in My hand....

"Surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, wherever they have gone [into captivity], and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one nation in the land.... They shall no longer be two nations, nor shall they ever be divided into two kingdoms again" (vv. 19, 21-22).

Ezekiel 48 reveals that all the Twelve Tribes will then be reassigned their own tribal allotments in the Promised Land-which will be much bigger in area than in biblical days. This will, at first, accommodate the millions of Israelites returning from captivity.

But remember what God told Israel would soon happen at that time: "The children you will have, after you have lost the others [in the Great Tribulation], will say again in your ears [as they did in Great Britain before], 'The place is too small for me; give me a place where I may dwell'" (Is. 49:20). So what will God do? "Those who come He shall cause to take root in Jacob; Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit" (Is. 27:6).

At the time when God gathers the remnant of Jacob, He will make a "perpetual covenant" with both Israel and Judah: "Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah.... I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.... For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more" (Jer. 31:31, 33-34). After being converted by God's Spirit, Israel will finally stop rebelling against Him!

Some people think that God has abandoned His purpose for the physical descendants of Israel. That is totally false! God promises, "If those ordinances [of the sun and moon] depart from before Me... then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever" (v. 36). He also adds, "If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, says the LORD" (v. 37)!

Through Jeremiah, God clearly prophesied, "If My covenant is not with day and night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth, then I will cast away the descendants of Jacob.... For I will cause their captives to return, and will have mercy on them" (33:25-26).

Look at what the Apostle Paul stated in the New Testament: "I say then, has God cast away His people? Certainly not! For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God has NOT cast away His people whom He foreknew" (Rom. 11:1-2). Paul shows that God will yet save Israel's physical descendants. "And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written: 'The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins'" (vv. 26-27).

This is a prophecy for the future. Presently, God has ordained that He will call both physical Israelites as well as Gentiles into His Church: "I say then, have they [the Israelites] stumbled that they should fall ["beyond recovery" NIV]? Certainly not! But through their fall ["transgression" NIV], to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles. Now if their fall is riches for the world, and their failure riches for the Gentiles, how much more their fullness!" (vv. 11-12).

This is profound! Spiritual salvation has been opened to some Gentiles now to prod Israel to look at her own condition and start obeying God. In this way, Israel's failure has been a blessing to many Gentiles. Yet how much GREATER will the blessing for the Gentile nations be when Israel learns to finally set the example God intended from the beginning? Israel will yet be the wonderful model nation God meant her to be all along. This is truly incredible!

For Gentiles Too!

But God loves all peoples (John 3:16)not just Israelites! He is "no respecter of persons"--or nations (Acts 10:34-35). How, then, do the Gentiles co-inherit the vast riches and wealth, both physical and spiritual, which was promised to the ISRAELITES? Paul reveals more of this "mystery" by saying, "Those who are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God; but the children of the promise are counted as the seed [of Abraham]" (Rom. 9:8).

Clearly, all of God's covenants and promises were given to Israel, and the only way Gentiles can partake of those promises is by them being grafted spiritually "into a good olive tree" (Israel), thereby becoming partakers of the fabulous riches which Almighty God promised the Israelites (Rom. 11:15, 17-21).

Paul also explained this mystery to the Christians at Ephesus, who were Gentiles: "Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh-who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands--that at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world" (Eph. 2:11-12)! But the apostle does not stop there. "Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God" (v. 19).

He told the Gentile converts of Galatia, "For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.... There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise" (Gal. 3:26, 28-29).

God's Old Testament "Church" was a nation of physical, carnal-minded people who, as a group, never had God's Holy Spirit within them to empower them to do His will. But God's

"The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins."
--Romans 11:26-27
New Testament Church--the "Israel of God" (Gal. 6:16)is composed of only those who repent of their sins, receive His Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) and "keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ" (Rev. 12:17).

The New Testament "Church of God" includes people of all races! But it is a serious mistake to assume that true Christianity is a "Gentile" religion. Paul explained that this was not so (Rom. 9:3-4; 11:16-24). He told the Gentile saints at Rome, "For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly" (Rom. 2:28-29). Everyone must become a spiritual Jew.

Paul told the Ephesians, "But now in Christ Jesus you [Gentiles] who once were far off have been made near by the blood of Christ" (Eph. 2:13). "For through Him we both [Jews and Gentiles] have access by one Spirit to the Father" (v. 18). With God's Spirit in us, we, as spiritual Israel can succeed where physical Israel has not.

The main lesson of Israel is one of utter failure without God's Holy Spirit! God gave the Israelites everything. Yet they just could not keep His law. By the New Covenant, Israel will finally be given the spiritual POWER to actually obey God and His law "in spirit and truth" (John 4:24). But if you, the reader, have begun to understand the importance of submitting your life to God and obeying Him totally, you don't have to wait until then! You can partake of the New Covenant's terms right now (Heb. 8:1-13).

But you need to realize that you can't do it alone. To truly obey God with all your being, it takes Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior, living in you through the power of the Spirit of God (Col. 1:27; Gal. 2:20). How do you receive that blessing? By deeply REPENTING before God of breaking His spiritual laws, accepting in FAITH the tremendous sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for your sins, being BAPTIZED and then receiving the priceless gift of God's HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 2:38-39).

This is how to become a spiritual Israelite (Gal. 6:16) and partake of the New Covenant's terms right now. It doesn't matter whether you are a physical Israelite or not. All humanity desperately NEEDS God's Holy Spirit-to obey Him and, thus, truly worship Him. This is what God desires from you-and, more importantly, FOR you!


t is easy to dismiss truth out of hand or even ridicule it. But, as has often been noted, "Facts are stubborn things!" The "Man of the Century," Winston Churchill, wisely observed that "TRUTH is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it; ignorance may deride it; malice may distort it; but THERE IT IS!"

He later said, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened" (International Encyclopedia of Quotations). YOU have somehow stumbled across the irrefutable truth concerning what happened to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Will you, like many, simply ignore it?

As we've seen, our peoples will learn to live righteously after Jesus Christ returns. But, as we've also seen, a lot of horrible agony must precede that joyous time. Why? Because of the awful spiritual condition of our peoples.

God told Ezekiel to make an announcement to Israel--which must refer to the modern peoples of Israel since Ezekiel wrote long after Israel's ancient destruction. Here, then, by the authority of God Almighty, we announce His message to YOU. The wording in the Living Bible makes it easy to follow: "Tell Israel, Wherever you look--east, west, north or south--your land is finished. No hope remains, for I will loose my anger on you.... With one blow after another I will finish you. The end has come; your final doom is waiting.

"O Israel... the day of trouble nears. It is a day of shouts of anguish, not shouts of joy! Soon I will pour out my fury and let it finish its work of punishing you for all your evil deeds. I will not spare nor pity you, and you will know that I, the Lord, am doing it. The day of judgment has come... for your wickedness and pride have reached their climax.... All your boasting will die away, and no one will be left to bewail your fate" (Ezek. 7:2-11).

Whatever your ethnic origin, if you have lived among the descendants of modern Israel, enjoying with them their God-given material and spiritual blessings, then--barring repentance--you will also suffer with them when their punishment for disobedience comes! God is NOT a respecter of persons.

Of course, if our nations would change their ways, God always stands ready to forgive: "The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it" (Jer. 18:6-8)!

Which way will our people go? Will they continue in unspeakable sins and rampant crimes, plunging headlong into the impending abyss? Or will they repent of their waywardness, by turning back to our God and His way? He tells our peoples what to do to get straightened out: "Yet the Lord pleads with you still: Ask where the good road is, the godly paths you used to walk in, in the days of long ago. Travel there, and you will find rest for your souls" (6:16 Living Bible).

However, God knows what to expect from our peoples, as He relates immediately following: "But you reply, 'No, that is not the road we want!' I set watchmen over you who warned you: 'Listen for the sound of the trumpet! It will let you know when trouble comes.' But you said, 'No! We won't pay any attention!'" (vv. 16-17 Living Bible). Will this, dear reader, be YOUR response?

The publishers of this material you are now reading have been set as "watchmen--! Knowing what we do, according to the Word of God, we are obeying God's command to sound this "trumpet" warning--through this brochure, our other free literature, and the World Ahead magazine and television program. God tells us in Isaiah 58:1, "Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." You have now been warned!

Though our nations as a whole are not likely to repent of their evil ways until they are greatly humbled by the awful events ahead, Jesus Christ promises to provide a shelter from the coming storm of violence for individuals who believe, and live by, the Word of God-whether Israelite or Gentile! This protection for God's faithful children is promised in Revelation 3:10 and 12:13-17. Jesus also warns us, "Watch... and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things" (Luke 21:36)!

President Calvin Coolidge once said, "We [Americans] do not need more material development, we need more spiritual development. We do not need more intellectual power, we need more moral power. We do not need more knowledge, we need more character... we need more [true] religion... more of the things that are unseen."

And former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, hit the nail on the head when he stated, "The greatest work in all the world is the building of men and women of character. Without character there is not much that's worthwhile, because character is the one thing we take with us from this world into the next" (An Enemy Hath Done This, p. 299).

These men may not have truly understood God's plan, but they certainly got an important key correct-the need to build godly character. By your seeking God now, individually, He can begin developing His holy righteous character within you immediately-averting the need, if you remain faithful, for you to be SHAKEN out of your wrong ways through the horrible day of "Jacob's trouble" (Jer. 30:7)!

The Jefferson Memorial stands on the south banks of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. Inscribed on its wall are these poignant words of Thomas Jefferson that still serve as a solemn warning to our American and British peoples: "God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever!"


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Originally written by Raymond F. McNair and republished in 1996 by the now-defunct Global Church of God.

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