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  • Ronald L. Dart sermons in audio MP3 (Courtesy of Eric Anderson):
    "True Spirituality" (0544.mp3, 7MB)
    "Cold Comfort" (0610.mp3, 8MB)
    "Strengthen the Things that Remain" (0606.mp3, 7MB)
    "Shared Suffering" (0608.mp3, 6MB)
    "Courage and the Church" (0613.mp3, 7MB)
    "Asherah" - comments on "The Da Vinci Code" (0619.mp3, 7MB)

  • Words and .mp3 accompaniment music to 201 hymns of the Blue CEM hymnbook.
    Words and .mp3 accompaniment music to 207 hymns of the Red CEM hymnbook.
    Many familiar favorites!

  • A Tale from Pearl Harbor about how, on December 7, 1941, shooting down Japanese planes wasn't always rewarded, by P. Harben, 1995

  • Does discipline have a place in child-rearing? Spanking and Responsible Parenting.

  • The Trinity: Is Jesus God? Is the Holy Spirit a person? Is God triune?

  • Islam and Christianity

  • La Llave del Libro del Apocalipsis. ?Qu? ocurrir? en el futuro?

  • The modern identity of the Lost 10 tribes. A Great Mystery of History by Raymond F. McNair, 1996.

  • What is Man? Are you immortal? Do you have an immortal soul? What are you?

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