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Mars... And Beyond

The scientific world, and other life forms, buzzed with excitement over 4.2 pounds of rock. "We are not alone" scream the headlines. "Life on Mars" reports a cautious piece in "Time" magazine. Somehow it's all considered to cause "theological consternation" to strike a blow against faith, against the Bible.

But still unexplained after a century and half of evolutionary leaps of faith, is how something - that lump of rock, for instance - appeared from nothing. What, indeed, launched the laws of thermodynamics, of biology, of gravity, etc.? How did a piece of rock (and who really knows where it came from) become a piece of rock?

What Next?
And the even bigger question: "Where are we going?"

From whatever our origin, the question on the minds, especially of those approaching life's close, is "What next?" Also, "Was there a point to my three score years and ten?" The answer is of greater concern than "Is there anyone out there?" There is, of course, someone out there.

The vast majority of mankind believe there is someone out there. Not little green men (though reportedly this has a following) whether from Mars or Venus or Europa. Not malevolent amoeba floating in inter-stellar space, but God!

The Big Plan
For Christians, He is a God with a plan. There's no random chance whereby a blend of inert elements (where did they come from?) was zapped by a bolt of lightning and burst into self-perpetuating life (and try to copy that in the laboratory!). No, man was created with purpose. A God of love wanted to share His glory and power, and so designed the perfect plan.

The majority of us are ignorant of God's grand design. Most of mankind mill around scraping a hand-to-mouth existence and millions die daily from hunger, disease, or old age. Even if a "man from Mars" were to land on their doorstep, it would do little to temper the harsh reality of their lives.

A man did come from "another planet" and he did bring the chance of reaching even beyond Mars - to the stars. The Supreme God had such a love for mankind that He made it possible for a divine being to become frail man. The one we know as Jesus Christ was impaled on a stake so that you and I could follow him into the Family of God. Though we are made from dust, through Jesus, we can inherit the Universe.

The years we spend in our flesh are the training course for a perfect life of untiring dynamic power. No strumming endlessly on a harp on Cloud Nine. No sitting like a lapdog, gazing unvaryingly into the Master's face. But doing a job. What job, you say? Well, to start with, the job of reconstructing our planet following the ravages of mankind's history, meanwhile teaching resurrected billions (including your loved ones who are now died "unsaved") how they may inherit the same promises!

Key To The Universe
Beyond that, who knows? The Scriptures teach that God will "plant the heavens". Maybe even Mars! There are indications - in the Bible and in science - that even our material universe is but a temporary blip in eternity. Whatever the distant future holds, there will be, for those who respond to God's call, endless activity driven by an undying body filled with boundless love, energy and divine powers. Life, elsewhere in the universe will abound.

Humanity seeks some reason for existence. Sci-fi enthusiasts conjure a host of scenarios for the future. We grasp at paltry straws of evidence that we are not alone in the vastness of the Universe. Yet the evidence of life beyond Earth is all around, the unassailable evidence that there's a loving Creator. A Creator who has not abandoned His creation, but who has a grand design for it, far beyond our imagination.

It's a grand design in which you, if you truly desire it, may have a vital and active part. The key that unlocks that future for you is in the Scriptures. Request free copies of the articles What Do You Mean -"Repent?" and When Someone Dies and also a reprint of the article, God's Grand Design. Together, they map out the future you can have - if you turn the key.

Listen now to God's call and commit yourself to Him through Jesus Christ, truly the "man from outer space"!

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Issue 13, November/December 1998. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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