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To the Leaders of our Anglo-Saxon Nations

All of you find yourselves, by whatever means, in a position of high responsibility. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you hold your position by permission of the Creator God and are responsible to Him - and will be held accountable by Him - for the policies by which you rule His people.

Almighty God has given you the guidelines for success, and the degree to which you implement these guidelines determines the prosperity or the poverty of your nation. Compliance will assure peace and prosperity within and without your borders. In so far as they are set aside and ignored troubles will beset you and your people. None of your present challenges in government need be there. For God has given clear instruction for welfare, for economics, for foreign relations, for internal stability - for national prosperity.

God once gave a blueprint for governments of all nations and for all times. The fathers of the Anglo-Saxon nations recognized this principle, at least in part. To the degree they enshrined and implemented the divine Law in their Constitution and Laws, written and unwritten, the nations prospered. Indeed our foundation principles derived largely from the Word of God, and previous leadership has willingly bowed to its authority. It is this Word that has given our Anglo-saxon nations moral authority, prosperity and influence throughout the world.

Dire Straits

That universal Law was first incorporated into the Constitution of our ancient forebears - the nation of Israel.

In recent times the blueprint has, by successive governments, increasingly been eroded and your actions in government appear to despise it. Your lack of positive leadership has all but driven your ships of state on to destructive rocks.

The result is disrespect for the law and for order, immorality swamping the media, infidelity in marriage and the consequent disruption of family life with its huge burden on the national purse, increasing tolerance of sexual perversions of every kind at the very heart of your governments, inflation, public and personal debt, loss of respect and influence abroad, corrupt business and legal and political practices, run-away welfare provision, erosion of respect for national institutions, corporate greed, decline in public health, strangulating bureaucracy, "political correctness" that undermines human diversity and tolerates idolatry.

The lack of true wisdom displayed by governments permits the release of unrepentant murderers and terrorists on to our streets. It allows a self-serving legal system that favors criminality and ignores the victims. It promotes the wholesale murder of the unborn.

Death of Sovereignty

All is compounded by your submission to foreign influence - whether to powerful multi-national business interests or to power-hungry unseen hands or through foreign treaties that undermine national sovereignty. The policy of the British government in yielding the currency and law-making - and hence sovereignty - to an authoritarian, alien and unelected power in Europe is a pressing example.

All such combine to subvert public morale. Given the privilege granted to you of ruling great nations you leaders have set an example of ungodly personal conduct - an example which percolates down to your citizens. Is it any wonder we are beset by overwhelming problems? The decay of our once-great and now decadent nations is a direct result of the failure of leadership to uphold the divine Law.

Leaders - at all levels - you are held responsible!

Patience Exhausted

God's Word leaves the outcome in no doubt. Unless you reverse the flow of ungodly legislation. Unless you bow before the divine Law. Unless you leaders of God's people personally exemplify righteous behavior - then your peoples will follow the path of ancient Israel.

God tolerated ancient Israel's idolatry - for a time. He tolerated their trampling all over the foundations of right conduct - for a time. He sent His prophets to warn the leaders and the people - but only for a time. Then He stepped in with His "rod of correction", bringing against His people in war the very nations with whom they had made treaties of peace and co-operation. They were decimated by war, by invasion, by disease and famine. The remnant were transported to foreign lands, there suffering ignominy and desolation - the vast majority never to return.

And God indicted the leaders!

Unless you restore the Law of God to its rightful authority - what the Word of the Eternal God calls repentance - you will be responsible for another "holocaust." We are on the brink of devastating national calamity that can be averted only if you humbly fall down before God and restore His ways to your nations, calling upon your people to obey Him.

The world is living through perilous times. At the brink of a new millennium of history you are urged to consider your ways. How you choose will determine whether there is peace and prosperity or national destruction.

And God holds you - our leaders - responsible.

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For PDF or mailed copy, see CGOM. Excerpt from New Horizons Issue 14, March/April 1999. Edited by James McBride of the Churches of God, United Kingdom.

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